Jimmy Francis
Mayor of South St. Paul
 For Dakota County
Commissioner - Dist. 2 

Vote Nov. 8th
I believe it requires action to create change.

  • "I'm so grateful to be represented by a local politician that is honest, listens, and rooted in values that advocate for all!"

    Adam S -
    Citizen of South Saint Paul

  • "Jimmy has been helping me maintain a productive life by supporting my mental illness, I trust Jimmy and I'm voting for Jimmy."

    Jeffery Peterson
    Citizen of South Saint Paul

  • "I have been a small business owner for over 15 years. As a healthcare provider, Jimmy advocates for issues affecting my patients. Jimmy is an effective leader and I support his bid to be District 2’s next Commissioner!"

    Dr. Scott Mooring - West Saint Paul Business Owner

Dear Neighbors,

I’m grateful to announce I am officially a candidate for Dakota County Commissioner District #2 on the November ballot.

*A huge thank you to our current commissioner Kathleen Gaylord and congratulations to her on retirement!

I’ve served two terms as Mayor of South St. Paul in a non-partisan role. I have learned we move forward better when we work together!  We got a lot of things accomplished in my six years of leadership. Cooperatively, we used fiscal responsibility and thoughtful analysis, with a focus on the future to get things done.

I will champion West St. Paul, South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights at the district level. As someone who grew up here, lives here, shops here, and works here-  I have a real understanding of our challenges. I will be the best person to articulate today's needs of these Northern Dakota County residents.

Community Initiatives I support:
South Metro Fire Board Advocating for mental health of community and staff
Volunteer/Donor DARTS Advocating for senior citizens in Dakota County
Volunteer/Donor Neighbors Inc.  Advocating for less fortunate
Volunteer/Donor Guild Advocating for people and families with mental illness

I want to hear from you (651) 321 - 8348
I ask you for your vote November 8th.

Let's move forward together,

I believe it requires action to create change.
 Mental Health

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